“I am just a regular cybersecurity engineer by Google”, says Larry to his friend Steve. Steve is 34 years old and has worked a long time for Apple in Cupertino as software developer but he quit his job and is now unemployed. He and Larry studied computer science at Harvard university but they have known each other since much earlier. As children they were neighbors who had together learned how to program a computer. Both were fascinated by computers but in different areas. Larry was more focused on security and Steve on development, this combination should change the future. hackerstory1.2_social-networks.epub weiterlesen

English Book Presentation „The 100“

Author: Kass Morgan
other infos: The book “The 100” was written in 2013 by Kass Morgan,
Information about the author: The author lives and grew up in Brooklyn, New York and works as an lector for child- and youth romans. She received a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and an master’s from Oxford University in literature.
She becomes famous for her book “The 100” and the TV-serie. English Book Presentation „The 100“ weiterlesen