English Book Presentation „The 100“

Author: Kass Morgan
other infos: The book “The 100” was written in 2013 by Kass Morgan,
Information about the author: The author lives and grew up in Brooklyn, New York and works as an lector for child- and youth romans. She received a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and an master’s from Oxford University in literature.
She becomes famous for her book “The 100” and the TV-serie.
Kind of book: Science fiction, drama, Post Apocalypse
Main themes: Society, Love and the Life on earth.


After a nuclear war the humanity lives on two spaceships, the ship “Phoenix” and the ship “Walden”. On the ships the law is very strict, every crime is sentenced with death and only people under 18 years have a chance for a retrial. The humans are for ca. 200 years on the spaceships and now the ships begin to break. The government wants to check the earth for liveability.
They sent 100 youth prisoners secretly to the earth. The spaceship with them landed hard on earth. A few of them died at the landing. Clarke the main character helps the injured people and Wells tries to win her love back again with excuses. Bellamy, another important character is very worried about his sister Octavia.
Before Clarke and Wells were sentenced, she told him about the experiments with radiation which her parents made, because they were threatened by the vice-chancellor. Wells couldn’t hold this secret to his father the chancellor. His father sentenced the parents of Clarke to death and her too, but she got a chance for a retrial. Wells couldn’t understood his father and wanted only protect her for death. As he heard of the earth mission with prisoner, he speed up the mission by manipulating the airlock, so that they haven’t even less oxygen.
Bellamy saw as a child his mother dieing to protect Octavia. To protect her any longer, he threatened the guards that he could go on the ship to earth. Octavia got arrested by stealing medicine, because she become drug addicted as she was ill.
Glass is the happy one who could escape out the prison as Bellamy threatened the guards.
On earth the 100 prisoners are aggressive and building groups. Bellamy hunts and Clarke tries to help her girlfriend Thalia, but she needs medicine. As she searched with Bellamy for it, he kissed her as they found the medicine. But they relationship ended fast and also the medicine got stolen. As Octavia was identified as theft, the other wants her death for the crime but Bellamy and Wells made a deal that she only needs to leave the camp.
Meanwhile Glass becomes acquitted. She tells her friend about her child and that she has been arrested for it and it died during the arrest. She loves Luke and as she was with him at the comet party the airlock begins to leak, so that the spaceship Walden begins to run out of oxygen. They go secretly on the other spaceship Phoenix to save their lives.
On earth Clarke and Wells got friends again, but as a fire breached out and he prevent her to help Thalia out the fire and she dies, Clarke begins to hate him.
At the end of the story Bellamy and Clarke search for Octavia because she is missed, they see trees which are planted in rows.


Important Characters:

Clarke Griffin:

Clarke is the main character. She is a 17 years old helpful, brave and blond girl.
She has been sentenced for her parents experiments with children. Her parents were scientists and sentenced to death, because her ex friend Wells told his father about the experiments. Clarke get’s a chance for retrial on earth with 99 other prisoners.
Her only girlfriend is Thalia, one of the 99 prisoners. Clarke worked as nurse on the ship Phoenix, that’s why she help the injured prisoners on earth.

Wells Jaha:

Wells is an black youth from ship Phoenix, who is the chancellor’s son. He is friendly and loves Clarke. He isn’t aggressive and wants peace on earth. He blames himself a bit for the death of
Clarke’s parents. He is strong and worked as an engineer on the ship. He wants to protect Clarke and win her back. To protect Clarke for her death, he manipulated the airlock for speeding up the earth mission. And he sets the only tree on the ships on fire to get on the ship to earth.

Glass Sorenson:

Glass is an young girl with long hair from ship Phoenix. She is the girlfriend of Luke from ship Walden. She was sentenced for her child, but she could escape at the ship to earth start. While she gets arrested her child died. After she escaped she was acquitted by the vice chancellor. She’s born in a wealthy family but her father is dead. She sentenced the friend of Luke to death to protect him, she said that he isn’t the father.

Bellamy Blake:

Bellamy arrested himself to protect his sister Octavia on earth. His mother killed herself to protect Octavia, because it isn’t allowed to have two children on the ships. He is an good hunter and he knows much about the earlier living on earth, because he reads all books about that theme. He is excited by the earth. One time he kissed Clarke in the story but the relationship broken fast.

Octavia Blake:

Octavia is the sister of Bellamy. She is drug addicted and stolen the medicine, because she can’t sleep without it.

Message: The earth is wonderful planet, if we destroy him the humanity would almost die, but the nature wouldn’t die.

Why did I choose this book?
I have searched for a book on Amazon and I saw this book in the bestsellers in english books. I know a bit the story, because I have seen a advertising in the television.

General information about the book:
The book 323 sites and the chapters are named with character names. In each chapter is an other character who tells the story in his view. Also is in almost every chapter a retrospect, which tells about the past of the character.
The book has an open end and there are two more books which continues the story, because “The 100” is an triology. The TV serie has an other story as the book, only the main story is the same, but it has other characters.

2016 Manuel Fischer